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LATEST UPDATE! Download my letter sent to 47 different state attorney general
healthcare fraud investigators. This is about a video I posted on Youtube with
Senator Conrad talking to our top leaders. He said "millions of seniors are
taking 16 medications and it's making them sick and bankrupting Medicare".
Since they buried the issue 10 year ago, hundreds of thousands of seniors
have died from over-medication.

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New Planet Technologies focuses on pressing world problems with the goal of developing innovative solutions which solve them. 
These solutions are either technological or media projects. 
High Technology Projects 

Starlite, a new material found in extensive tests at The Boeing Company to be more resistant to heat/fire than
any substance known to man.  38 pages of Boeing documents available on my website: 
You can learn more about Starlite at the following sites:

Starlite on Television:

Dateline NBC

Tomorrow's World

Mystery of the 'blast-proof' material - BBC REEL

'Starlite could have saved lives' - BBC REEL

The wonder material that never made it - BBC REEL

How does Starlite work? - BBC REEL

What's inside Starlite? - BBC REEL

The presenter behind the 'egg test' - BBC REEL




Media Projects 

Documentary about the contagious nature of post traumatic stress disorder and stress. Professors at our best universities have documented/proven the fact that stress is contagious.  Anger, fear, and aggression are contagious by causing stress in others, and so are positive emotions. We are half way through this documentary, our goal is to inform the public about the contagious nature of suffering to help change public opinion about the biggest causes of stress in our societies:  hunger, homelessness, and poverty.
What most people don't know, and certainly our leaders don't know, is that when millions are suffering, their pain is contagious to all of us via our capacity for empathy. This is why empathy shuts off in most people, to stop them from feeling more pain. This creates a vicious cycle of turning a blind eye to others which causes us all to suffer, and most are blind to their own pain too.


"The Contagion of Happiness - Harvard University"


"Can Secondhand Stress Be Contagious?" - ABC News


"Emotions Are Contagious—Choose Your Company Wisely ..."


"Stress at work is just as bad as secondhand smoke"

Oprah Magazine, December 2004


Oprah Magazine, June 2014 




The Mission--The Ultimate Reality TV Adventure
This project has the goal of bringing to light valuable solutions which can solve pressing world problems that affect each one of us.


You can learn more about The Mission:


I have a great video here at the launch of The Mission with Chaplain George Russell Barber, who was the last

living chaplain who landed on Normandy Beach with thousands of his men, many who he laid to rest the next day.

In the video we discuss the research I had been doing at UCLA's medical library, where I discovered a clear

explanation for the underlying psychological cause of most human problems. The video is unedited, one hour of 11 I have of our discussions. Sorry we don't have any dancing girls in the show, but each idea fits together in a puzzle which offers a picture of a revolutionary path to a better future.


1st hour is here: 


All 11 hours of videos with Chaplain Barber are here: 


Or here:



"If we can solve the problems of hunger, poverty, and hatred in the world then we can overcome war.

We want to challenge the people of the world but especially of America that have resources, challenge

them to work together, that we can eliminate all these problems of hunger and famine and homelessness

and suffering. Get all the doctors and medical teams working together. We've all got to work together,

rich and poor. The poverty stricken don't have the resources but they can bring together their problems 

and we can help them. "


--Chaplain/Colonel George Russell Barber, The Mission--2003



Chaplain George Russell Barber, 1914-2004


"United States Military Chaplin. He was the last surviving D-Day Chaplin, who served as one of four chaplains with the Army's 1st Infantry Division at Omaha Beach when Allied forces stormed the shores of Normandy on June 6, 1944.

He spent the day ministering to the wounded and dying at Omaha Beach, prepared the dead for burial and helped select the site of the U.S. Cemetery overlooking the beach. Serving throughout Europe during the war, he ministered during the Battle of the Bulge and the capture of the strategic bridge at Remagen, Germany. He later ministered with the Air Force during the Korean War, served during the Vietnam War at March Air Force Base, California and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1969. In retirement, he was a regular at many D-Day Invasion reunions on Omaha Beach in Normandy. He delivered the opening prayer at the dedication ceremony for the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans in June 2000, joining celebrities Tom Hanks, Tom Brokaw, Steven Spielberg and others.


In 2003, he led an interfaith service at dedication ceremonies for the Dole Institute of Politics at Kansas University, in Lawrence, Kansas. The World War II reunion, was hosted by NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw, included former president Jimmy Carter and over 25,000 in attendance." 


Chaplain Barber's Autobiography



The Health Project
For 15 years I've been working with my father, a retired UCLA professor of medicine to develop new ideas which can solve our healthcare crisis, as well as other pressing world and community problems. Through his work at UCLA, Dr. Bennett discovered that most illness is caused by unhealthy living. During my own research at UCLA I found the cause of unhealthy living, or why most people won't exercise, eat a terrible diet, smoke, or do other things which harm their health. "STRESS OVERLOAD" is the main cause of illness, because symptoms of stress are fatigue, so we don't want to exercise, and unhappiness, because bad news stress turns off happy chemicals in our brains--then we medicate to turn them
on with junk food, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and illegal or legal mood altering drugs. 
50% of adults have hyper-TENSION today, and over 95% will get this symptom of stress as they grow older. Most of our stress comes from "social chaos"--in the form of interpersonal abuse, broken families, divorce, community violence, family violence, terrorism, crime, drug and alcohol problems, school failure, and of course excess anger exposure. 

The above information has been confirmed and is supported by the research of some of the top health experts in the world at our best universities: Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, etc.
 Our mission is to get this information to the world, so that the majority of the human population comes to deeply understand that as a species we must take a radical new course to reduce the stresses which we are enduring together. 

We invite you to investigate these promising new ideas for yourself to confirm their validity, then join our project--as it is relevant to your own longevity. 






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